New Year New Beginings


Wow, can you believe that it is already 2013? Amazing! Time flies by so fast. I can’t believe its been four months since I last blogged on I’m sorry for being M.I.A. dear readers.

As you saw from my old posts, I spent a month in Vienna and a week in Paris during August-September. It was such an incredible and memorable experience. The best thing I could have ever done while studying at UC Davis.

Since then, I have kept incredibly busy. I’ve enjoyed the company of my sister’s newborn baby, time spent with friends, and making memories with family.

Like most Decembers, I was incredibly busy. This December, I worked at Black Road Christmas Tree Farms during the weekends, was a nanny during the week, completed my final classes at UC Davis, participated in Graduation Commencement, celebrated my 23rd birthday, went to Clearlake to celebrate Christmas with family, and rang in the new year at the Brother’s Comatose show at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz.

It was a great end of 2012.227178_10151432529527985_1674742_nLooking back, my year was filled with many wondering things and experiences. I worked as an intern at Davis High School, traveled to Oregon at least four times, went to Las Vegas for the first time, visited Monterrey, drove out to Fort Bragg to see friends, Studied Abroad in Vienna, traveled to Budapest, Prague, and Paris, rented a car to see Hallstatt, dated, welcomed my niece Sienna Maddison Shaffer, passed CBEST, Graduated College, turned 23, and embraced the new year with one of my best friends.

In 2013, I do not anticipate traveling as much as I did but I do hope to put myself out there and to see new things. I have health goals, personal goals, and of course cooking goals. I look forward to this year and the new adventures it will bring me. I look forward to starting grad school and working towards a Masters degree in Education. Mostly, I look forward to sitting alongside family or friends, sharing stories and memories while I cook something up at the counter.

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